Walking the Labyrinth: Fostering Spiritual Growth by Creating Sacred Space and Building Community

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Introduction to Labyrinths: The history of ancient labyrinths and their modern rediscovery as a tool for spiritual growth and building community. Found all over the world and in many different cultures, the labyrinth is an archetype that unites us as a people. Unlike a maze meant to deceive and distract, in the labyrinth there is only one path to the center and back out again. The labyrinth is an aid to meditative practice and mirrors our journey through life: we’re all walking our own path, but we’re doing it together.

Jamie Edmonds will be using the labyrinth as a powerful tool to unite us in community. They can be put almost anywhere and can instantly turn any space into a sacred space. Join Jamie to walk the labyrinth on site.


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  1. Jamie Edmonds

    I drew a 48-foot, nine-circuit Transition Labyrinth pattern on the beach yesterday afternoon. Because of the neap tide last night, this morning only the bottom of the outer three circuit “walls” were washed away. In fixing that and cleaning it up again early this morning (the Lifeguard vehicle also drove over it), I noticed that it had been well used–and the “heart space” had even been graffitied! Someone wrote: “Inner Peace — World Peace”. (wish I could post a picture here, maybe on the Facebook page) Nice to see that we are not alone! I believe that inner transition, i.e. transitioning to inner peace and connection is a prerequisite for any lasting outward transition that might lead to true sustainability, resilience, abundance and world peace. The labyrinth is a unifying archetype that can serve as a gentle tool to aid that journey in community. 🙂

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