2015 Workshops

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  • Water, Land & Nature Stewardship
  • Leadership Development & Organizational Capacity Building
  • Home & Neighborhood Resiliency
  • Regenerative Business & Equitable Economy
  • Skills Shares & Appropriate Technology
  • Social Justice, Education, & Culture
  • Inner Resilience and Social Permaculture
  • Governance, Policy & Movement Building
  • Public & Private Partnerships
  • And Much More!


  • DIY Skills in Permaculture
  • Natural Building
  • Seed Saving
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Alternative Economies Economy
  • Clean Energy
  • Food production
  • Herbal Medicine




Social Permaculture & Community Organizing


How can we build stronger relationships within our local communities and groups? Explore fun and practical applications of the permaculture …

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Main WomenLeaders

Sustainable Leadership: What Does it Take To Thrive?

Arianna Huffington’s landmark book Thrive makes the case for a “Third Metric” for defining success. As leaders, we are hardworking, …

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Unnamed 5

The Latest on Vegetable and Fruit Tree Roots – for Greater Yields

See more new root drawing of vegetables and fruit trees than ever shown before. The discussion will focus on: where …

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Towards a Just Transition: Freedom Fighting While Healing the Earth

While transition is inevitable, justice is not. The scale and pace of the ecological crisis and transition in which we …

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Transforming Money to Benefit Society

Money itself has hidden characteristics that many people are completely unaware of. Yet these characteristics shape people’s behavior in relation …

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Transitions Wordle

Transition 101: State of a World in Transition


The Transition Movement, an international network of communities committed to moving away from fossil fuel dependence toward local resilience, just …

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Unlearning the Patrix (Patriarchal Matrix)

The Patrix, that unwanted but prevalent patriarchal matrix that includes (amongst other memes) racism, sexism and classism, sure needs unlearning …

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Jamie Edmonds Walking The Labyrinth Image1

Walking the Labyrinth: Fostering Spiritual Growth by Creating Sacred Space and Building Community


Introduction to Labyrinths: The history of ancient labyrinths and their modern rediscovery as a tool for spiritual growth and building …

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Whole Systems Seed – Breeding and Adaptation for Resiliency

Thoughtful selection, breeding and adaptation of our vegetable cultivars can enable plants to adapt to climate, disease, drought, pests and …

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Women in Permaculture: Celebrating Our Successes, Honoring Our Challenges

Women have been leading and practicing Permaculture for decades though not always on stage many have made their presence and …

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KellyCarlisle MG 1410CREDITDavidFentoncrop

Youth Stories from Youth Programs: Planting Seeds with the Next Generation

You’ll get seriously inspired during this multi-generational storytelling workshop with some of the most innovative youth food justice and permaculture …

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Zone Zero: A Resilient Body Supports Resilient Relationships


Join Elaine Pendergrast and one other instructor in this interactive workshop. Building resilient communities can be stressful physically, mentally, and …

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