2016 Workshops

With 9 Stages, 9 tracks, 70 plus workshops and over 100 presenters... the Workshops at the Convergence are going to be Hands-Down, Amazing!

12182922_941171765953336_687849825466166905_oWith keynotes speakers, workshops, skills shares, & panel discussions from leading resilience thinkers and doers; a model resilient community; live music; camping; child and youth programming; and plenty of opportunities for co-inspiration and cross-pollination... the North American Permaculture & Building Resilient Communities Convergence will bring together leaders, permaculture designers, transition organizers, activists, young people, homesteaders, designers, social entrepreneurs, and others who are passionate  about shifting the paradigm and joining together to cross-pollinate, skill-up, synergize and celebrate! Check out our workshops themes and topics below, followed by a list of workshop titles and descriptions.



2016 Convergence Workshops

QueenChiefWarhorse1 300x168

“Commons” Film Screening

The Commons is a documentary film about communities all over the world re-asserting sustainable, responsible futures using ancient Commons principles. …

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Rick Valley Real Permie Garden

A Real Permaculture Garden

Permaculture is “site specific”. Are the important characteristics of “a permaculture garden” circular lines, or things that might be more …

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Matt Drewno A Strategy To Growing More Food In Your Zone 1

A Strategy for Growing More Food In Your Zone 1: GROW BIOINTENSIVE Method

The GROW BIOINTENSIVE method works to stabilize both current and future food systems by producing a complete diet and growing …

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Edible Plant Diversity

Access The Abundance of Edible Plant Diversity: From Backyard to Global Resources

John will explain how to choose from thousands of possible plant selections for use in our regenerative landscapes, and where …

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Bridget OBrien Adapt3

Adapt – A Permaculture Game “Create a world you want to live in.”

Each choice we make is a vote for the kind of world we want to live in. The mission of …

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Brennan Solar Cooking And Drying 0 1

Appropriate Cooking Technology: The Fossil-Fuel-Free Meal!

Come learn how to use appropriate cooking technologies such as solar cookers and fuel-efficient rocket stoves to cook a completely …

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Beyond the Culture of Separation

Beyond the Culture of Separation uses an innovative approach and interactive learning modalities to expand white-identified participants’ capacities to work …

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Bird Language

Bird Language & Permaculture

One of the most important skills of a trained Permaculture designer is observation. Over the last 11 years, Weaving Earth …

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Jasmine Vassar Bringing Us With You

Bring Us with You: Engaging Community in Transforming the Food System

Food insecurity is a reality faced by many low-income urban families, however the food access movement goes beyond developing local …

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Building a Movement for Permaculture to Cool the Planet

It’s possible, we can reverse climate change through permaculture/ regenerative agriculture. And the “we” is everyone on the planet. There …

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Building Bridges Paulo Zerbato

Building Bridges: Creating Connections, Increasing Resilience

Permaculture addresses some of the most effective solutions to some of the world’s most urgent problems. Yet the movement has …

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Building Community with Authentic Relating Games

The Integral Center in Boulder Colorado is a forerunner in developing social technologies that build community, increase relational intelligence, and …

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Main Featurelarge Rob Hopkins Transition Town

Building Resilient Neighborhoods

How do we increase our own resilience and strengthen our communities in the midst of instability? How do we support …

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Transition Streets

Building Resilient Neighborhoods with Transition Streets

Transition Streets is a neighbor-led project to reduce household energy and water use, build resilient local food systems, and build …

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Governance Circle 300x261

Can’t We All get What We Want? Governance, Authority, Holacracy and Freedom from Consensus in a Self-Managing Organization

We’ll start with an interactive exercise: a well-intentioned group of like-minded people unable to get anything done, because everyone wants …

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Adrian Carroll PermacultureAndCannabis

Cannabis Cultivation: Sustainability Practices for the Future


Cannabis farming has not embraced sustainable practices, but with the evolving regulations, sustainable farming is becoming more common place. In …

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Collective Consciousness App1 360x240

Catalyzing the Evolution of Collective Consciousness & Culture Through Design

If we believe that permaculture can save the world, then it is social permaculture that can implement this on a …

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Co Active Leadership

Co-Active Leadership

Pachamama Alliance works in partnership with the Achuar, an indigenous tribe in the Amazon rainforest, to protect and preserve their ancestral …

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Cob For Kids 2

Cob for Kids!

Come play with clay! Get your hands dirty and learn one of the coolest ways to build with natural material. …

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Sunil Nair TheNeighborFoodNetwork E1472864795790

Cogarden: The NeighborFood Network

The Cogarden platform enables a ‘Do It Together’ food gardening experience. Connecting food growers that share fence, or are miles …

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Max Meyers Ws E1472511038139

Combining the Sciences of Permaculture & Aquaponics


Wether you are a beginner, a backyard hobbyist, a homesteader, or a skilled professional wanting to grow more food sustainably …

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Megan ONeil CommunityChoiceEnergy E1473207306604

Community Choice Energy: A Pathway to Resilient, Energy-Secure Communities

As the social, economic, and environmental impacts of climate change become more pronounced, Community Choice energy can be a powerful …

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Community Drought Solutions – Building Resilience and Abundance Through a Wholistic Design Approach

With many years experience in water harvesting and permaculture design, Loren, Neil and Jeremiah will share case studies of water …

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Earth Learning

Community Food Forestry Initiative

Mario will introduce the Community Food Forestry Initiative (CFFI), a national initiative funded by USDA Forest Service Community & Urban …

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Community Resilience Emergency Preparedness Nils Palsson Larry Goldberg E1473292949532

Community Resilience = Emergency Preparedness

How resilient is your community? How ready are you for the natural and man-made disasters and disruptions that inevitably accompany …

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C Politics

Connecting Across Partisan Divide

Left-right political divisions that should be irrelevant are getting in the way of movement building. We’ll quickly review recent cognitive …

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Shutterstock 230651536 E1416607853852

Courageous Conversations: A Dojo for Embodying Resilience

This three hour workshop has been designed as an opportunity to dive deep and face off with our own need …

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Dancing Freedom: Regenerate Zone Zero- Vision, Movement, Action

Through dance and movement meditation we can celebrate and cultivate our diverse culture within, seed our vision with breath and …

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Tayla IMG 1858

Dancing with the Trees : Exploring an Authentic Relationship with the More than Human World

Holding the worldview that the earth and all beings on it are alive and connected, this workshop combines the practice …

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Decolonize Mural

Decolonizing “Permaculture”

Principles and practice of permaculture are borrowed heavily from existing and historical Indigenous cultures from their respective bioregions. Yet, the …

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Kevin Bayuk Workshop Design Your Regenerative Enterprise

Design Your Regenerative Enterprise


Direct discussion and learning to take your ethical regenerative enterprise aspirations into reality or further towards your vision. This workshop …

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Ivan Dragon Dreaming

Dragon Dreaming the Future

Dragon Dreaming is a methodology based upon the principles of personal and group empowerment. Drawing upon the insights and experience …

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Ecological Restoration Earth Repair And Permaculture Setting Up A Working Group

Ecological Restoration, Earth Repair and Permaculture: Setting up a working group

Permaculture has a lot to offer the ecological restoration movement (and vice versa). What would a permaculture approach look like? …

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Don Hall Effective Collaboration

Effective Collaboration

While working in groups can be fun, it’s not always easy. How do we cultivate effective groups without replicating hierarchical …

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Robin Bloom And Annahata

Embodying Permaculture

The Embodying Permaculture workshop is an interactive experience that integrates the permaculture principles and ethics with body-centered awareness practices including …

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10891649 10102897975430883 7899056150800038056 N

Environmental Activism in Disempowered Comunities

This workshop is based on a pattern language developed by Benjamin Weiss for white permaculturists wishing to work in underprivileged …

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Fairshare Permaculturejpg

FairShare Permaculture

Town and City Permaculture will put on an interactive workshop. About how diversity helps permaculture truly realize it’s expressed ethics. …

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AL Web

Film Screening: Abundant Land: Soil, Seeds and Sovereignty – Followed by Q&A with Director

ABUNDANT LAND is a documentary about a Hawaiian community on Moloka’i challenging the biotech industry’s use of the island to …

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AdvP Round

Film: “Adventures in Permaculture: Transition West Coast”

Permie-journos Steven Saint Thomas and Trudy Thomas traveled from San Francisco to Seattle to document the West Coast’s burgeoning Transition …

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Maya Blow FoodasMedicine.jpg

Food As Medicine

Many of our most common garden weeds contain highly valuable medicinal properties. These wayside weeds living all around us possess …

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Food Justice at Work: Madison and Detroit

In this learn-shop, participants will learn about two major projects funded directly and indirectly by the USDA to explore the …

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Blackhorse Shasta Gift Economy

Gift Economy: Nature’s Economy

This talk is an invitation to take a deeper look at nature’s economy, also known as the gift economy. We …

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Ozzi Kleen Residential Grey Water Treatment Diagram

Grey Water-ReUse

In this time of drought it is more important than ever to appreciate our access to clean water and to …

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53a28d 28b9dd4c08784a51a4bd374622e4578a 1 E1472362264540

Growing Community with Urban Food Forests

Jessica Bates of El Sobrante, CA, based Food Forest Farm West will highlight the basics and important features of designing …

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IStock 000009528668XSmall 2

Growing Justice

Youth leaders will share their story about how/why they planned and implemented an urban food forest on their school campus …

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David Grefrath Healing With Fire

Healing with fire: using prescribed fire to restore cultural and ecological values in California

The goal of this workshop is to discuss the integral use of fire in the past in California and, in …

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Plant Int

Herbal Intelligence

Is it possible that herbs are not only conscious but also intelligent? Singing Bear will share some stories about herbs …

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20160402 155031 1

Here We Grow … DRUM!

Connect – Nourish – Grow – Activate – Release – Sustain concepts are alive in the prinicples of Permaculture. Drumming …

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Hip Hop For Change: Re-Education in Hip Hop

Hip Hop For Change Inc. will produce an educational workshop that teaches about the history and importance of hip hop …

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Elizabeth Dougherty Love Water Cycle 2 E1472338445243

How to Fall in Love with the Water Cycle

This workshop challenges participants to fall in love with the water cycle. By giving the big picture of water in …

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Integrating Permaculture

How To Intergrate Permaculture Into Every Day Life

Permaculture Magazine, North America publisher Hannah Apricot will share ideas about how to take permaculture from the field and integrate …

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Cara Saunders Herbs For First Aid E1472955509552

How to Use Local Plants for First Aid and Home Remedies

Join herbalist Cara Saunders, founder of Bear Wallow Herbs, to explore native plants and abundant weeds in Northern California that …

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Intentional Communities: Workshop Series

Workshop 1) How Intentional Communities Can Change the World Intentional communities have been acting as laboratories and social experiments for …

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Hannah Shadrick Interoceptive Yoga

Interoceptive Yoga

So often in our everyday, we are asked to discount our own experiences, to dismiss our intuition, to invalidate our …

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Ochenda Collen And Dick

Invisible Structures: A Cooperative Model for Local Food Production & Distribution

Harrison Quigley, Founder of Onchenda Open Global Food Cooperative, will present the Onchenda cooperative social enterprise business model, and how …

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Kerry Brady

Kerry Brady

Kerry Brady, MA, SEP, supports others in awakening to an embodied recognition of our essential nature and inherent place within …

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Crystal Huang Leadership And Innovation Embodiment

Leadership and Innovation Embodiment

In partnership with the NorCal Community Resilience Network: Are you leading a grassroots organization or just new to the scene? …

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Learning from Our Indigenous Friends, Teachers & Allies

Let us reconnect with Mother Earth and one another through Love and honour. We can relate to ecosystems as designers …

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Screen Shot 2016 08 20 At 10.58.45 PM

Love, Leadership and the Sacred

In these turbulent times – with many of our hearts stretched and breaking – what is the most potent inner …

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Music of the Movement – Singing our Community into Life (Circle Songs Around the Fire)

Come gather around the fire, and let the richness of the day’s events and learning integrate and resonate in song! …

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Rye Flint Mycofoodforest


Come explore some of the mysterious realms of symbiotic fungi and how they live with their plant hosts. Stack some …

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Miguel Image1

Natural Building Made Easy

In this workshop we will discuss some of the many techniques and advantages of building with Earth. Lead by Miguel …

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Networking The Transformational Ecosystem

Networking the Transformational Ecosystem

Networking the Transformational Ecosystem consists of a number of social enterprises and non-profits (generally 15) giving 3-minute presentations in front …

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UN 2030 Agenda For Sustainable Development 1 E1472342325530

Organize for the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

In September, 2015, the U.S. joined 192 other UN member nations in adopting the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, composed …

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Images 2 1

Organizing Indian Women in Permaculture Food Self Sufficiency Systems

Padma Koppula of Aranya Agricultural Alternatives, host of the next International Permaculture Convergence, will speak about her work organizing thousands …

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Liora Headshot  Public Speaking

Our 200 Year Plan: Designing our Future Together

What is our 200 year plan—for our planet? For our permaculture and communities movements? What are our best strategies? How …

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Permaculture Action Network: How We’re Organizing and How To Get Involved

Ryan Rising of the Permaculture Action Network gives a how-to on getting involved with the organization’s movement of mobilizing concert-goers …

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1280x720 Qr

Permaculture and Art

How can “art” be used to communicate permaculture and ecological principles? How can “art” incite curiosity and delight that opens …

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Adopt A Seed

Permaculture and the Indigenous Contribution: A Courageous Conversation

How can permaculturalists best acknowledge that permaculture was not “invented” by Bill Mollison? That Indigenous People have practiced permaculture principles …

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Living Ecology

Permaculture Projects with Villagers in a Drought Affected Area of India

This workshop will talk about the permaculture work Living Ecology and Aranya Agricultural Alternatives, hosts of the next International Permaculture …

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What can yoga teach us at the individual, relationship, and group levels to empower thriving communities and appropriately permeable culture? …

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Cooperatives E1472955159348

Political and Cultural Transformation thru Co-operatives

Many of us are familiar with the idea of co-operatives as a vehicle for worker empowerment and community oriented housing, …

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Protecting TTP

Protecting Democracy from the TPP

We have reached a critical moment in the national campaign against the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Despite growing concerns about the …

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Fig 1 Eight Forms Of Captial

Regenerative Enterprise & the 8 Forms of Capital

How can our businesses regenerate multiple sources of capital? Gain a new simple tool to incorporate permaculture into any organization. …

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Jamaica Awakenjai 1

ReInhabiting the Village: Interactive Workshop

What is the Culture of the Modern Village and how are we creating a Global Village? As we become increasingly …

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Eclectic Landscape

Resetting the Dinner Table, Rebuilding Our World

Holistic Regenerative Food Shed Design for the Next Century Rebuilding our local food systems means not just connecting local consumers …

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Resilience in the Face of WildFires – The Lake County Story

Panel of three people: Nils Paulsen, Brenda Quintero and Fairlight Alghren share three perspectives and highlight community service work we …

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Mother Earth By Novembro

Resource or Being, how do we treat our place in the world?

Is our earth a resource or a being? This workshop will engage the participants in an interactive dialogue to explore …

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Seed preservation using Clay and Manure Sealed Baskets

This is a hands on workshop teaching the traditional seed preservation techniques of India. Seeds are preserved using ash and …

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Tom Llewellyn Sharing Cities 1

Sharing Cities: Activating the Urban Commons

The concept of sharing cities is getting considerable traction with grassroots groups and city governments around the world. Seoul, Amsterdam, …

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Storytelling 18642

Sharing Our Stories

From sitting around the campfire to going to a blockbuster movie, stories are all around us and critical to building …

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Image SpiritShield An Integrated Permaculture Transition Vision

SpiritShield: An Integrated Permaculture & Transition Vision

Raising consciousness is hard work, like transforming the war shield (hate) into a peaceful place (love); we need resilience-centric tools, …

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Permaculture Mainstream

Taking Permaculture to The Mainstream – Allies and Assets

Allies and Assets is about making use of existing social, community and built infrastructure for taking permaculture further to the …

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Green Acres

The Evolution of Green Acres Urban Village

In 2009, Ann Kreilkamp bought the house next door to hers because it had a large sunny lawn. Over the …

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Max Brotman The Mycelial Metaphor

The Mycelial Metaphor

The Mycelial Metaphor shows us patterns of interaction and organization that are shape of resiliency and co-operation. Examination of fungal …

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3153964 Orig

There is No Away: Make Your Very Own Bottle Brick

Just throw it Away! Where is this mythical place “Away”? This workshop is a breakdown of the American waste stream …

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Urban Roof Top Garden

Urban Permaculture: From Toronto to Tel Aviv

Join international permaculturalist Jillian Hovey on a slide show tour of urban permaculture in Vancouver, Toronto, New York, Cardiff, London, …

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450 484231742 Water Cycle Process

Water Panel

Presented by: Brock Dohlman, Dr. Elizabeth Dougherty, Christina Bertea, Trethan Heckman Thursday September 15th | 10 AM – 11 AM | Main Stage

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What Is Adaptive Agriculture 1

What is Adaptive Agriculture?

With so many categories, ideologies, philosophies, styles of growing food sustainably, it is challenging for beginning farmers to enter the …

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Don Tipping What The Designers Manual Didnt Tell You

What the Designers Manual Didn’t Tell You…

After more than 20 years of focused broad-acre, farm scale applied Permaculture there have been many successes with our design, …

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Why International Permaculture Convergences are Important for PC Global Movement

For the permaculture community, the International Permaculture Convergences (IPC) are hugely important. Why is there a global permaculture movement? What …

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Widening the Circle – Eco-Conscious Leadership in Practice

How do we embody a holistic approach that Includes, shares and integrates masculine, feminine and the whole spectrum of gender …

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Circle Children

Wildflower Seed Balls & Art Mural

Wildflower Seed Balls: Creating wildflower seed balls with Circle of Children is a fun, interactive, and educational experience for children …

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IMG 2681 D600

Working at the Edges: Exploring Our Personal and Cultural Eco-Systems

Working at the Edges, exploring our personal and cultural eco-systems. Using self-observation techniques and courageous conversations. The Edges a place …

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