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    Jada Imani Carter

    Jada Imani is a licensed Kingian Nonviolence practitioner and a trained facilitator of Youth Speaks writing workshops. She has facilitated workshops in several high schools across the Bay Area and beyond. In May of 2017, Jada completed an intensive course at a tantric yoga school …

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  • Makin’ It Happen, Cooperatively: Pathways for success in Intentional Communities, Worker Co-ops, and other collective projects and endeavors

    We all know that creating a world that works for all people and the planet will take an unprecedented level of cooperation. Easier said than done when the dominant social and economic structures, not to mention our own condition, is geared against this. This workshop …

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  • Christina

    Christina Bertea

     As a plumber Christina has earned the right to have an attitude about flush toilets! The nutrients in our excretions need to nourish the soil, not pollute our waterways!  As an eco artist she creates artworks that spark awareness about environmental issues (and solutions), especially …

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  • Fahrer IPC13

    Benjamin Fahrer

    Benjamin Fahrer has become well known for his ability to read the landscape and recognize natural patterns to help build ecological landscapes and farms. He has a BA in Ecological Design and is a registered Permaculture Research Institute/TAGARI instructor since 2006. He has lead and …

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    Empowerment Works Inc. Founded in 2001, Empowerment WORKS (EW) is a global sustainability think-tank in action advancing community-led solutions for a thriving world. Impact In the world’s most culturally rich, yet economically challenged communities, access to markets, appropriate technologies and education can empower people to transform critical …

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  • BiodynamicWorkshopPhoto ChamomileChicken

    The Biodynamic Approach to Regenerative Agriculture

    The deep principles and innovative practices of biodynamic agriculture can be taken up by any farmer or gardener wanting to enhance the health and vitality of their soil and the food they grow. In this workshop, we will explore the unique and practical ways that …

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  • Thea Carlson BiodynamicApproachToRegenerativeAgriculture

    Thea Carlson

    Thea Maria Carlson is Co-Director of the Biodynamic Association, bringing vitality and renewal to the food system through regenerative agriculture. She is a leader, facilitator, educator, and farmer dedicated to building living soil, growing nutritious food, and nurturing vibrant communities. 2017 Workshop:The Biodynamic Approach to …

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  • Michael Flynn Anti Racism

    Anti-Racism 101: Removing Blind Spots, Building Bridges


    In this 3-hour workshop, we will lay the foundation to: *Develop clear definitions of race, oppression and privilege. *Interrupt the pervasive and unseen operations of privilege. *Increase capacity to create interactions that build bridges of trust. *Develop a framework to understand cultural appropriation. *See how …

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  • Ray Stubblefield Tave

    Ray Stubblefield-Tave

    Ray Stubblefield-Tave is the Program Director of Common Vision. As a biracial woman and the daughter of a Cultural Competency Counselor, she has been having conversations around the subject of race her entire life, and has been leading trainings formally over the last year. As …

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  • Michael Flynn

    Michael Flynn

    Michael Flynn is the Executive Director of Common Vision and has been leading cultural competency workshops for the last decade. He focuses on aiding white folks in overcoming their unique challenges in seeing and understanding the operations of white privilege and racism and understanding their …

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  • Rachel Economy The Art Of Facilitation

    The Art of Facilitation

    In this workshop, we will build a toolbox of skills and practices for intentional and just facilitation of groups. The ways that we hold and move through our meetings can end up replicating on a micro scale the very systems of inequity and scarcity that …

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  • Rachel Economy Head Shot

    Rachel Economy

    Rachel Economy is a writer, facilitator, artist, and permaculture educator and practitioner living in Berkeley, California. She has studied, practiced, and taught ecological gardening, sustainable farming, and permaculture practices in urban and rural environments across the country for almost a decade. In her work with …

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  • Adrian Carroll

    Adrian Carroll

    Adrian has been creating and managing ecological homesteads for 15 years. His unwavering commitment to quality and his passion for epicureanism has produced countless vibrant expressions of life. He has dedicated many years to growing the highest quality foods and medicines. His love of food and …

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  • Adrian Carroll Ecological Vitality

    Ecological Vitality

    This workshop will teach participants how to craft the best diet for their being. We will look at constitutions, lifestyles, medical issues, geographical locations, and belief systems to help each individual learn what will support them at this stage of their life. Also covered some …

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  • Gayanee Desilva

    Gayanee KyGa DeSilva

    After experiencing a profound Kundalini (Spiritual) Awakening in 1996 Gayanee went through an intense spiritual journey exploring ancient spiritual traditions as well as learning under modern non-dual teachers. With many expanded states of consciousness rapidly revealing within along with spiritual gifts yet unable to integrate …

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  • Chant

    Mantra Sound Healing

    Mantras are sonic formulas chanted that allow us to purify the mind, protect from negativity, and generate energy for healing. This workshop will introduce the lay person to simple Tibetan Mantra and give more advanced practitioners a deepening experience into the application of mantra for …

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  • Madhu Anziani Mantra Sound Healing Live Vocal Soundscapes

    Madhu Anziani

    Madhu Anziani is a sound healer extraordinaire who learned from the first-hand experience of being paralyzed as a quadriplegic and used sound and energy healing to completely recover. He has also studied Jazz and World Music and went on to be certified in Sound, Voice, …

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  • Doug Miller Fleig Ferments E1502778545491

    My Biome and Me: Healing Fermented Foods?

    The human gut biome is home to a diverse ecology of viruses, bacteria, yeasts, fungi, etc. If balanced, the mind/body is vital and healthy, with glowing skin, abundant energy and a generally positive outlook on life . When some of the more parasitic species dominate, …

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  • Doug Miller Fleig 1

    Doug Miller-Fleig

    Doug Miller-Fleig has been making fermented foods for over a decade with a passion for education. He has taught workshops and cooking classes covering a wide range of techniques all with a focus on real whole foods that promote health for body and planet. He …

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  • DSC 0127

    Zone Zero and Sustainable Relating: Permaculture Counseling

    Zone Zero is all about relationships. How can we relate across differences that takes the principles of permaculture to heart with the people closest to us? Through interactive engagement, we’ll be experimenting with the principles of permaculture to get closer and live our ideals through …

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