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Bloom and Anahata are earth activist musicians, certified Permaculture teachers & designers, ecovillage educators, healers, artists and transformational paradigm shifters. They have facilitated community workshops, retreats, gatherings, concerts and Permaculture action events together in Costa Rica, Canada, California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Hawaii, Peru, Bali, Australia, New Zealand and beyond. They are co-organizers of Blooming Biodiversity Tour which spanned the North American West Coast, Fall 2015, offering events that brought together communities in transformational celebration to learn and practice permaculture. Anahata is certified Nosara yoga teacher, bodyworker and former herbalist apprentice at Herb Pharm. Bloom is a Generation Waking Up facilitator. They have worked as teacher assistants for Starhawk’s Earth Activist Training Permaculture Design Course, the Ecovillage Design Education. They are trained Work That Reconnects facilitators with Joanna Macy. They were interns Arkana Alliance, an indigenous rainforest activist organization in Peru. They have both have facilitated workshops, performed music and have had extensive, organization, volunteer, and staff coordination roles at transformational festivals, including: Envision Festival, Lightning in a Bottle, Once Upon a Festival, Lucidity, Global Eclipse, Bali Spirit Fest, Imagine, Big Surreal, Flow Festival, Earth Frequency, Singing Alive, Plants EnChant, Good Medicine, Mystic Rising, Enchanted Forest, and more. They are social/environmental activist filmmakers and have produced and presented a variety of their films. They have both participated in and presented at a variety of social and environmental conferences and convergences including: Bioneers, The NorCal Building Resilient Communities Permaculture Convergence, Pure Living Expo, Tribalize, Cumbre de Los Pueblos COP20 in Peru. They have both taught college courses at their perspective universities on Sustainability and Social Justice. They have facilitated Ecological Awareness workshops at Esalen Institute for the Integral Leadership Program. They worked as herbal medics and water protectors at Standing Rock in November and December of 2016. They recently co- taught a Permaculture Design Course, Aloha Aina Winter On Maui with Jenny Pell. Bloom and Anahata continue to lead Permaculture activation events and co-creative musical experiences globally.

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2018 Convergence Workshop: Pollinating the Permaculture Paradigm: Blooming Biodiversity’s Global Perma-Journey