Social Permaculture Playshop: Clowning Theory and Praxis for Earth Activists

Let's play: tap into the wisdom of your body as a force for activist self-care and cultural critique. You’ve heard that these times are dire and urgent, right? So isn’t it time we had…

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Certified Permaculture Caretakers Program

This is a permaculture training and land access program that is nested into a larger back to the land and emergent culture movement. Certified permaculture caretakers is a program that offers training in permaculture…

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Designing for Resilience

Lets talk about how to use Permaculture Design that supports people and the planet, from the bottom up! Brandi Mack, AKA, Mama B, will share her 5 steps to Resilient design that support people…

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Place Justice with City Repair

Sharing Power through Co-Collaborative Placemaking For this workshop, Ridhi D-Cruz and I will start by giving an overview of The City Repair Project. We will explain what the organization represents, how the Village Building…

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Place Justice with City Repair Project

We will explore case studies of placemaking work we are doing with marginalized communities. City Repair has over 20 years of experience with grassroots, community-initiated placemaking in Portland, Oregon. Our model for building place-based…

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​Practice Showing Up: Racial Justice as Spiritual Work for White People

How to address internalized white supremacy and how it shows up in our understanding and practices of spirituality. Systemic racism has disconnected white folks from our cultures, our spirituality, and therefore: systemic racism has…

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