Regenerative Business & New Economy

Regenerative Technologies Revealed

This panel will explore several innovative technologies from thermal energy production, quantum power cells, bio-refineries, off grid eco-resorts power systems, zero waste systems and waste to energy production, closed loop technology-run aquaponics systems, and…

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Introduction to Permaculture

Laying an important foundation to the 2018 Permaculture Convergence, this intro class will give a brief overview of the origins of permaculture from the 1970s in Austrialia until the present in the US, with…

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Permaculture Contractor: The Ins and Outs

How to become or work with a design-build contractor, “How I became a contractor to save the world, the lessons I learned from all my mistakes, and how we are still growing and not…

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Micro to Macro: Soil Science Made Easy with Matt Powers

Learn Soil Science from the Micro to the Macro with Matt Powers for everyone in all contexts. Trained 1:1 by world renowned soil expert Dr. Elaine Ingham to convey complex ideas to a K-12…

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Ayurveda-A Human Experience on Planet Earth

Our inner & outer landscapes are created by the elements; by listening, communicating and taking action, balance is possible. Our human form is experiencing very similar imbalances as the earth itself. If we can…

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Geoship – Bioceramic Geodesic Architecture

A renaissance in consciousness reflected through biologically resonant architecture is coming. Rusty Roy and Bucky Fuller are the two inventing fathers of Bioceramic Geodesic Architecture. Geoship is fusing Rusty's sciences of "Whole Person Healing"…

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Reimagining the Commons: GENNA Alliance

This session will offer practical tools and frameworks for how we can collaborate - based on the recent development of GENNA Alliance. Collaboration is happening! Explore new collaborative potential within our regenerative movement. GENNA…

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Dynamic Farm Organization

Presenting an organizational model utilizing dynamic self governance coupled with dynamic equity splits to creat a fair and legal framework for collaborative business. The Dynamic Farm Organization workshop is a presentation of the Passiflora…

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Lawful Permaculture; No Longer Living Looking Over OUR Shoulders

Looking at examples and strategies for having great projects given full regulatory approval and even funded! This could be two workshops even: 1) F.O.G. - how to Finance, Own and Govern 'The Commons'. Legal…

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Techno Cities or Biological Towns?

Two quite different paths to sustainability are developing; can they co-exist? I perceive two radically different approaches to sustainability developing, one of dense, 'smart' cities and another of dispersed eco-villages and market towns. I…

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