CA AB 816 Consumer Cooperative Corporation Law

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A dialogue on worker owned co-operative businesses as pertaining to the ethics of permaculture vs capitalism.

Daniel has worked in the fields of solar energy, aquaponics, permaculture, farming, landscaping and construction. One thing has been the same for him the entire time, and that is that the invisible structure of the workplace has been a pyramid, rather than a circle. He aims to deliver, through his talk in the form of a dialogue with the audience, a poignant and past-due discussion on the ethics of permaculture as they pertain to these invisible structures in the workplace. After dissemination of the ‘problem’ of a pyramid capitalist workplace, Daniel will then go on to describe CA Assembly Bill 816, “Consumer Cooperative Corporation Law” in which the state of CA has recognized that, “A worker [owned] cooperative has the purpose of creating and maintaining sustainable jobs and generating wealth in order to improve the quality of life of its worker-members, dignify human work, allow workers’ democratic self-management, and promote community and local development in this state.”

This law was passed in 2015. How many Worker Owned Co-Ops do you know of? How many companies do you know of that use the word ‘permaculture’ and yet may be stuck in the past with an un-democratic invisible dynamic in the workplace? How can we best live out the ethics put forward in the Permaculture Designer’s Manual?

These questions and more will be put forward in this talk.

Presented By: Daniel Brodell-Lake