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Emotional Literacy & Reading Human Landscapes

Are you emotionally intelligent? Do you know what is going on inside yourself and others? Can you ‘read’ human landscapes like you read land systems? The dominant culture has not supported us in being…

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Pollinating the Permaculture Paradigm: Blooming Biodiversity’s Global Permaculture Journey

Bloom and Anahata have travelled globally with their organization, the Blooming Biodiversity Permaculture network, living at and visiting a rich diversity of Eco-villages, intentional communities, indigenous farms, and Permaculture projects. Bloom and Anahata have…

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Empowerment and Enlightenment in Disasters

Practical survival skills and knowledge for when the grid goes down. Community and personal resilience begins with you. Be prepared for when the lights go out and the grid goes down. Practical, educational and…

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Access to Water, Access to Life

A social, ecological and human rights perspective exploring themes such as environmental racism, social and environmental justice, landscape resiliency, and overall repair of the water cycle in today's climate as it relates to water.…

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Regenerative Technologies Revealed

This panel will explore several innovative technologies from thermal energy production, quantum power cells, bio-refineries, off grid eco-resorts power systems, zero waste systems and waste to energy production, closed loop technology-run aquaponics systems, and…

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Introduction to Permaculture

Laying an important foundation to the 2018 Permaculture Convergence, this intro class will give a brief overview of the origins of permaculture from the 1970s in Austrialia until the present in the US, with…

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Permaculture Contractor: The Ins and Outs

How to become or work with a design-build contractor, “How I became a contractor to save the world, the lessons I learned from all my mistakes, and how we are still growing and not…

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Place Justice with City Repair

Sharing Power through Co-Collaborative Placemaking For this workshop, Ridhi D-Cruz and I will start by giving an overview of The City Repair Project. We will explain what the organization represents, how the Village Building…

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Anchor The Dream

A visionary playshop in which participants learn to leverage the Law of Attraction collectively to birth new earth realities as blueprints that enter and positively impact our collective consciousness with great integrity and love.…

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Micro to Macro: Soil Science Made Easy with Matt Powers

Learn Soil Science from the Micro to the Macro with Matt Powers for everyone in all contexts. Trained 1:1 by world renowned soil expert Dr. Elaine Ingham to convey complex ideas to a K-12…

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Supporting the Cycle – Sustainability Practices that Encourage Community Resilience and Repair the Water Cycle

An exploration of holistic water practices for communities and villages to explore the reparation of the water cycle Introduction and exploration of sustainability practices that both repair broken parts of the water cycle, and…

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