After the Fires: The power of community in disaster response, recovery and rebuilding

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In an era of climate disruption and devastating weather events, the 2017 Northern California wildfires were the costliest and most deadly in state history. Northern California is also home to a strong, vibrant grassroots movement and network that immediately jumped into action to protect people and place and begin organizing for the long recovery ahead. A range of grassroots leaders will share success stories and challenges including:

·      A local indigenous perspective on these fires

·      Creating a coalition to galvanize community voice and place equity at the center of recovery

·      Launching a decentralized and community-powered emergency response system

·      Creating a grassroots justice and resilience fund to raise and distribute funds

·      Mobilizing across government, business and community for watershed protection

·      Addressing the mental health challenges that come with crisis

·      Re-landscaping the rebuild with a permaculture lens and community-powered approach

Speakers include:

·      Ana Lugo, co-founder of Soco Rises and Director of Communications for Community Action Partnership

·      Alegria De La Cruz – Chief Deputy Counsel for Sonoma County

·      Edward Willie – Pomo tribe, permaculturist and fire ecologist

·      Chris Grabill – Board of Directors at Sonoma County Conservation Action and Santa Rosa Board of Public Utilities

·      Kerry Fugett – Manager of Leadership Institute and Resilient Hubs Program at Daily Acts and member of the Sonoma county Climate Action Advisory Committee

·      Trathen Heckman – Executive Director at Daily Acts and Board member of Transition U.S. and California Water Efficiency Partnership