Introduction to Permaculture

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Laying an important foundation to the 2018 Permaculture Convergence, this intro class will give a brief overview of the origins of permaculture from the 1970s in Austrialia until the present in the US, with some focus on the SF Bay Area for the past 30 years, including ethics, principles, strategies and techniques for applied ecology.

Intro to permaculture course taught by Bay Area urban gardener and urban ecologist, seedsman and seed librarian, community gardener and community organizer Christopher Shein. He brings 17 years of teaching a PDC at Merritt College, many more years of teaching in community gardens and public schools, and knows he doesn’t know everything about permaculture or teaching or …
Christopher brings the most diverse students together (race, class, gender, etc…) to build the most plant and species diverse public gardens in the commons in urban SF East Bay.,

Presented By: Christopher Shein