The New Economy: Beyond Capitalism and Socialism

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Jacki Saorsail discusses the differences between capitalism, socialism, and the new economy, and teaches her design principles for Regenerative Enterprises, Regenerative Dynamics.

To create a new economy where people care, earth care, and fair share are the norm, we must use the same level of intentionality to design our organizations that we apply to our land. The New Economy is in a totally different paradigm from Capitalism, Socialism, or Communism. This way of thinking is emergent and still largely misunderstood, even in the Permaculture community. Jacki Saorsail has spent 15 years developing a set of design principles for Regenerative Enterprises called Regenerative Dynamics that operate in this new paradigm. This workshop will introduce these principles and begin a conversation on how we can embody the new paradigm in bringing Permaculture to the world.

Presented By: Jacki Saorsail