Empathy & Allyship

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Discussion + Council, open to all, to dive deep as a collective of intense and beautiful experiencers that can come into fertile listening and empathy with as we build a bridge called allyship and connect intimately through our differences.

This is an open a discussion and council on what it means to be an “Ally” in today’s day and age. This is more than race or color, sex, gender, orientation, faith, nationalism, ability, classs, beliefs… this is about all of that AND a deep desire to dissolve that which separates us by being heard, seen, and empathized with. When we come together in the shared space of council we see the experiences that unite us, we connect through differences, we empathize with challenges, and we support and resource one another in ways we couldn’t do on our own, because we’re not alone in our efforts to create change. This intensive will offer tangible dos and don’ts, tools and wisdom to walk away and step into the inner and outer actions needed to be a ally, which is really just doing the right thing.

Presented By: Luna Love