Antonio Roman-Alcalá

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Antonio is a dedicated student and teacher of urban sustainability, working primarily in agriculture, food systems, and social justice-driven community organizing.  His knowledge bridges the practical and theoretical, stemming from his hands-on experience designing and managing multiple urban farms and advocacy organizations, and earning degrees with highest honors in urban and agricultural sustainability from University of California, Berkeley (BA, 2012) and the International Institute of Social Studies (MA, 2014). He is a Permaculture-certified designer and educator, and has designed and taught environmental education programming for youth and adults in various contexts.

Antonio has managed many types of projects, including publications, documentary films, urban farms, public space design processes, and community organizing campaigns. He co-founded Alemany Farm and the San Francisco Urban Agriculture Alliance, directed the documentary film “In Search of Good Food”, and helped to form the California Food Policy Council. His research, advocacy, and journalism has been published in print, online, and in peer-reviewed academic journals, showcasing his interest in having science reach a wide audience. Antonio’s expertise in sustainability, environmental justice, sustainable agriculture, citizen science, and innovative pedagogy is steeped in his many years of hands-on action, school-based learning, and collaborative, people-powered projects.

2015 Convergence Panel: Civil Disobedience & Activism