Ayah (Vanessa) Buonaugurio

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Ayah Buonaugurio
Ayah is professional yoga teacher, dancer, thai massage therapist, legally ordained spiritual minister as well as women’s health advocate & life-coach in the field of womb wellness.

Compassionately and respectfully through the container of women’s rituals . Ayah educates, supports and advocates women allowing them to feel empowered to make informed decisions concerning their health in alignment with their cyclical natures.

She is committed to creating nurturing relationships where each sister feels heard in seen in all this is carried. Allowing for accountability to perform deeper more fulfilling work in her life.

Ayah has been nurturing relationships in female communities around the globe. Traveling internationally she has projects in Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Peru & Colombia exchanging skills and sharing sacred dances, water prayers, sharing womb wisdom arts and vitality practices.
more info www.obsidianwomb.com

2018 Convergence Workshop: Ovarian Breathing/QiGong  & Ovarian Breathing/QiGong