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Mission: Create a functioning regional currency that helps local businesses thrive while promoting collaboration and building community wealth.

Vision: We envision a greater Bay Area where sustainable, regional economic growth and development are in service of the people and the environment, rather than corporate profits. We envision an economy that promotes stewardship of our land and local resources, supports local business and innovation, drives re-localization of production, and recreates the market from being merely transactional to a place for community building.

Values: Bay Bucks is aligned with the values of the New Economy 2.0 movement, which aims to create and spread successful models of local economies that value life over money. We are the organizer of the Living the New Economy Convergence. We also value integrity, collaboration and respect. We strive to build a community where each member will uphold these values, so that we can all work together to achieve our goals. 

Strategy: We believe that our current monetary system is driving environmental destruction and destroying human relationships.  We must build a regional, complementary currency to uplift a new regional economy. The currency must be designed to incentivize collaborative and sustainable rather than selfish and destructive behaviors. We learned from an immensely successful regional currency from Switzerland called the WIR, enhanced it with more social features, and implemented it in the Bay Area. This complementary monetary system operates through a business-to-business barter exchange.