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Cultivated through hundreds of thousands of miles traveled through a dozen countries around the world, Benoit’s experiences in a multitude of climates, cultures, economies, prosperity, and chaos have helped shape who he is today. An innate passion for ecology, autonomy, and service to humanity allow him to use his endless desire to learn, share and teach to empower all whom he can. Previous ‘lives’ have shifted him from one chapter of his life to the next: childhood poverty to personal and corporate finance and when he discovered money was not buying him happiness nor improving his health, another huge shift occurred. Selling his property and giving away all his possessions, he embarked on a minimalistic journey trekking on foot and hitchhiking to different farms, ecovillages, and countries where he challenged himself to not use any money for that period in time. Diving deep into permaculture facets of agroforestry, water catchment, natural building, and zero-waste living his world began to blossom. He sat in on 100’s of specialized presentations on ecology and community, co-produced events, took certification courses in Permaculture Design and rainwater catchment, studied books and took ecologically-focused classes at a city college. Today he partners with multiple organizations utilizing his ecological knowledge and AutoCAD drafting skills to design and build regenerative systems, while also teaching concepts to people interested.

2018 Convergence Workshop: Wet Solutions for Drought, Climate Change, & Poverty