Biodynamic Agriculture and Biodynamic Community

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The deep principles and innovative practices of biodynamic agriculture can be taken up by any farmer or gardener wanting to enhance the health and vitality of their soil and the food they grow. Have you worked with biodynamic practices on your farm or in your garden? Are you interested in trying biodynamics, but not sure where to start? Would you like to find a community of peers to share your experiences, challenges and questions? After a brief overview of biodynamic principles and practices, we will host a lively facilitated conversation about how biodynamics fits with each of our unique situations and how we can support each other in the work. There will be an opportunity to stay connected with the group online after the discussion.

This workshop will harness the wisdom and curiosity of those participating in the convergence to explore one of the leading frameworks for truly regenerative agriculture and land stewardship: biodynamics. The workshop is geared to focus on the needs and questions that are real for participants in the moment and help people find peer support to explore further.

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