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Christina studied social psychology and has worked to shift the culture toward more just and sustainable practices ever since. Currently she is committed to exploring how art itself can serve as a change agent, by presenting regenerative solutions as irresistibly imaginative and fun. Having worked in glass and stone and built water features for community gardens and public spaces, she now uses whatever media can best raise consciousness about particularly pressing environmental issues (often water related).

In 1974 she tested affirmative action and was the first woman apprentice admitted to a CA plumbing union.  Later as a plumbing contractor, she plumbed many straw bale and rammed earth residences. In 1990 she designed and built a passive solar rammed-earth cottage in downtown Oakland demonstrating the feasibility of alternative materials for inner city infill.

In 2007 she joined the Greywater Guerrillas in creating a groundswell of support for greywater re-use and in 2009 helped craft a more reasonable state greywater code at stakeholder meetings in Sacramento. As part of the now mainstream Greywater Action she teaches hands-on greywater and rainwater installation workshops, professional installer trainings, and lectures about water harvesting and re-use options.

She is a guest instructor at OAEC, Merrit College, and other Permaculture courses

and directly installs rainwater and greywater systems.

She envisions we humans gracefully re-entering the nutrient cycle, offering what passes through our bodies back to the earth in the most delicious forms possible.

She holds several Permaculture Design certificates, is a Harner Method Shamanic Counselor, and sits on the boards of Women Eco Artists Dialog and the Metaphor Project.

She loves to play in her garden, graft, forage, dream, drum, listen to water sing, and take refuge in the woods.


2016 Convergence Red Talk Presentation: Permaculture and Art

2016 Convergence Panel:  Water Panel