Compost Strategies for Different Circumstances and Materials

Joe will discuss different organic waste processing techniques (hot vs cold compost, vermiculture, bokashi, biochar, anaerobic digestion, hugelkultur, mushroom cultivation). He will address the pros and cons for each method, the ideal circumstances, and the specific techniques for each style. There will also be a small-scale Biochar oven and live Bokashi inoculant.

A skills-oriented talk about different composting methods, and which methods to use for specific results.

At the heart of Permaculture is a goal to foster both social and ecological communities. One of the most important communities for regenerative agriculture is a thriving soil ecosystem. Each method of composting creates a different flair of soil amendment for regenerating a slough of different soil conditions. Depending on the space available, this can either be a powerpoint or a poster based visual presentation, with hands-on examples of different soil types. It will feel in between a conversation and a presentation, as my goal is for the listeners to engage and understand which style of organics waste management is right for their particular situation. They will also leave with the skill sets necessary to confidently start their own thoughtful composting practice at home.

Saturday Oct 7| 9:30am| Yurt

Presented By: Joe Anderson