Cultivating Physical Freedom

We will apply permaculture principles through somatic movement and awareness practices to cultivate physical freedom and flow individually and in community.

Wherever we find ourselves on earth, our bodies are always home to our selves–we are all indigenous to our bodies. There are countless ways that we all take care of our selves, and yet, ironically, these processes may not always help us feel at home. Applying permaculture principles to the somatic practice of moving with awareness we can cultivate our indigenous creativity: We can yield to the earth to feel supported. We can integrate our parts to find wholeness. We can observe and interact with each other and Gaia to find that we are not alone. The yield—at zone 0—is freedom: We belong here.

Yoga, dance, and meditation are all methods for perceiving our wild aliveness. We will integrate permaculture theory with these practices and others to cultivate our vital flow individually and in community. The workshop will alternate between movement/awareness exercises, discussion, and presentation, always with a focus on creative embodiment. We are living systems, made up of living systems, and participating in living systems: In this workshop we will explore our own resilience so that we can more fully step into community.

Sunday Oct 8| 9:30am| Mediterranean Garden

Presented by Matthew Nelson