Dr. Elizabeth Dougherty

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Elizabeth Dougherty has steeped herself in sustainable technologies and practices of green building, organic agriculture, fair trade, and permaculture in Latin America, Africa, and the United States. Upon finishing her PhD in Ethnography highlighting from the University of Pennsylvania, Elizabeth coordinated the first International Fair Trade Fair, organized specifically for WTO meetings in Cancun. Elizabeth moved on to project managing for Flex Your Power, helping cities and industries become more energy efficient. Heading towards water, Elizabeth leveraged sustainable sanitation and water filtration in an earthquake disaster relief zone in Peru, at the same time establishing the thriving Permacultura Peru, a growing group of Peruvian Permaculturists. In 2009, she established Wholly H2O, a statewide nonprofit that is making localized water conservation and reuse the hip and sexy thing to do in California. Wholly H2O currently organizes art-based interactive educational events, exhibits and programs. Her work in water spans policy, practice and art. She is frequently found in her American Steel art studio in West Oakland, building free standing rainwater harvesting sculptures and recirculating fountains. Elizabeth is an active participant in the policy groups Bay Area Water Stewards (SFPUC watchdog group), Green California, and the California Decentralized Water Policy Council.

2016 Convergence Workshops: How to Fall in Love with the Water Cycle  and Water Budgeting at Home