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Founded in 2001, Empowerment WORKS (EW) is a global sustainability think-tank in action advancing community-led solutions for a thriving world.


In the world’s most culturally rich, yet economically challenged communities, access to markets, appropriate technologies and education can empower people to transform critical problems into opportunities for a socially, economically and environmentally sustainable future. Empowerment WORKS brings these vital tools within the grasp of citizens on the front lines of poverty and climate change.


Promoting global collaboration in support of local solutions, Empowerment WORKS fosters a diverse, cross-sector network of Partners in Empowerment (PIE) united in action by an ecologically social innovation framework called 7 Stages to Sustainability (7SS).

Through The Global Summit, Local Summits and other media and educational forums, these Partners are empowered to contribute their diverse skills, appropriate technologies and markets to catalyze local impact.

Through this holistic mission, Empowerment WORKS inspires people across the globe to realize the value of their existing knowledge, unique talents and collective potential to change the world.