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After experiencing a profound Kundalini (Spiritual) Awakening in 1996 Gayanee went through an intense spiritual journey exploring ancient spiritual traditions as well as learning under modern non-dual teachers. With many expanded states of consciousness rapidly revealing within along with spiritual gifts yet unable to integrate the this expansion in to daily life she faced numerous life crisis through out her spiritual path.

This led her to explore variety of healing modalities both ancient and modern to support her integration process. In 2014 she met her final spiritual teacher, Sat Shree, an enlightened being. Under his guidance along with the help of talented healers, her physical and subtle layers finally settled into a state of harmony with the realization of totality also know as Brahman Consciousness.

She now leads individual and group healing and teaching sessions in person as well as through skype. The healing sessions are done by engaging with all seven layers of her clients physiology; ethric body, prana/emotional body, lower & higher mental bodies, causal body, celestial body and soul body. Allowing her mind/body/spirit system to be an instrument of healing and transformation Gayanee serves your highest good in human life aligned with your Spiritual Growth and Enlightenment.


Sacred Healing Circle (Addressing Mother Wound and Ancestral Karma)