Intentional Communities: Workshop Series

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Workshop 1) How Intentional Communities Can Change the World

Intentional communities have been acting as laboratories and social experiments for cooperation, sustainability, and social justice since the 1930’s. The current movement encompasses a broad array of models and organizations that bridge historic communities with new innovations responding to global issues. This workshop will provide an overview of the different kinds of intentional communities, the organizations at play, a bit of the history, the current state of affairs, and the role of the communities movement in the larger movement towards cooperation, sustainability, and social justice.

Presented By: Sky Blue, Jingtian Yu

Sunday, September 18th | 2:00 PM | Zocalo

Workshop 2) Learning to Cooperate: The Structures and Culture that Support Effective Self-Governance

Self-governance, self-management, and self-determination are quintessential aspects of intentional communities and other kinds of cooperative organizations. This workshop will cover the basics of consent-based decision-making, group facilitation, conflict resolution, interpersonal dynamics, and organizational and cultural development, drawing upon the experiences, successes, and challenges faced by participants.

Presented By: Sky Blue, Jingtian Yu

Sunday, September 18th | 3:30 PM | Zocalo

Workshop 3) Tales from the Trenches: Realities of Intentional Communities

Join us for a panel discussion with people from different intentional communities on the successes, challenges, why we think they’re important, and what we need to learn, plus Q&A.

2016 Panelists: Sky Blue, Jingtian Yu, Cassandra Ferrera, Christian Stalberg, Abeja Hummel

Saturday, September 17th | 3:30 PM | Mediterrean Garden

Resilience and sustainability, on multiple levels from a holistic perspective, is foundational to what intentional communities are experimenting with and modeling. They are real life examples of how people can live their lives according to their values, practicing the skills and methods needed to regenerate the planet and create a sustainable human society. These workshops will be a combination of lecture/presentation, Q&A, whole group and small group discussions, and participant sharing.