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Keba Armand Konte was born and raised in San Francisco, has been in Oakland as long. He is an artist, food entrepreneur and community man. His artwork has been published widely and exhibited in museums and galleries internationally. He is the co-founder of Guerilla Cafe, founder of Chasing Lions Cafe and Founder/Roaster for Red Bay Coffee Roasters. In his spare time he enjoys aquaponic gardening, judo and making vegan waffles for his family while listening to ol’ time singer Valerie June.

2015 Convergence Panel: Making Equity and Sustainability in Business Real: Walking our Talk

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  1. Fred

    This presentation was awemsoe. I only wish there had been more time to receive more questions from audience members, and of course, mine (naturally).Terry hit on a bunch of key points, but one that I wish he would share his perspective on is the basic economics of eating more healthy. Usually when I talk to people, from friends to family and members of my community about this, it is not for lack of desire to eat healthy, but rather for imagined’ (and un-imagined) lack of funds.

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