Love, Leadership and the Sacred

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In these turbulent times – with many of our hearts stretched and breaking – what is the most potent inner source for our leadership toward that more beautiful world our hearts know is possible? How do we find, cultivate and lead from that source, while composting the old stories, patterns, and structures that don’t serve life – within us and around us? What kind of leadership arises in deep contact with the living earth and in communion with a village of sacred and trusted allies? And how can we root our efforts and actions – in our own lives and on behalf of all life – in the power of love, in beauty, and in grace? Let us gather to explore the role of love and the sacred in our leadership – to remember who we are and to co-imagine a future seeded with beauty and grace. Come join Ecology of Leadership Co-Directors, Christopher Kuntzsch, Katia Sol, and James Stark, for this engaging and participatory workshop that will give you an opportunity to reflect on your own path and leadership journey and connect with others asking similar questions.

Presented By: Christopher Kuntzsch, Katia Sol, and James Stark