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Lydia Violet Harutoonian, M.A, has a Masters in Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness from CIIS. She has studied closely with deep ecology elder and Buddhist scholar Joanna Macy for the past 8 years, learning how we can metabolize our pain for the world into profound communion with our human and more-than-human communities. She is also an accomplished musician who is deeply inspired by folk, blues, and protest music traditions. In her solo project she combines fiddle, banjo, and her soulful voice to offer a soul-folk revival experience. In the past year she has collaborated with Rising Appalachia, Climbing Poetree, Ayla Nereo, and the wonderful women of MaMuse. Two years ago she pioneered, “Music As Medicine In Our Time” with Penny Livinghgston at the Regenerative Design Institute in Bolinas, CA. In this workshop she brings together facilitation of Joanna Macy’s “Work That Reconnects” with exploring movement music that nourishes resilience, promotes justice, and facilitates healing in our communities.


2017 Workshop:

Music As Medicine In Our Time