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Maria Christina Owl is an international speaker, spiritual mentor and ceremonial leader. She has offered workshops and rituals in Israel, New Zealand, Canada and the US. She is a clairvoyant medium and author of the forthcoming book “The Great Mother Transmissions: Midwifing the New Earth”. Maria founded Sacred Future School in 2012 as a safe and grounded training ground for healers and leaders ready to align with their innate gifts and calling. Maria holds a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and is a Master of Intuitive Medicine and scholar of Indigenous Science and Healing.


2017 Convergence Workshop: Midwifing the New Earth: Unplug from Old Paradigm Conditioning and Claim Your True Power to Create Reality

Previous Workshops:

2015 – Indigenous Mind: Re-awakening Our Connection to Nature & Cosmos with Maria Owl Gutierrez