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Matt Drewno, Green Belt Mini-Farm Manager: Matt is certified in permaculture, restoration of oak-savanna ecologies and biointensive food production. After a Bachelors of Architecture from Iowa State University, he founded RhythmicWater Ecological Design, a permaculture design business in the mid-western states. He has been working with Ecology Action since 2010 training individuals and communities in the principles of biologically intensive food production. His experience includes organic farm-scale food production, design and implementation of food forests, residential-scale food production and community gardens. In 2014, he started the RhythmicWater SeedBank in the town of Mendocino, CA. He serves on the board of Ecology Action and manages the Green Belt Mini-Farm, a research, education and demonstration mini-farm in Mendocino, California.

2016 Convergence Workshop: A Strategy for Growing More Food In Your Zone 1: GROW BIOINTENSIVE Method