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Max Meyers, founder of Nor Cal Aquaponics, is a Certified Permaculture Teacher, Designer and consultant. He is the executive director of the Mendocino Ecological Learning Center (MELC) and runs a Permaculture consultation business.

Mr. Meyers is an experienced Aquaponics system designer and is the creator of truly self sufficient Permaculture based Aquaponics systems he calls Closed-Loop Aquaponics. Ever since breaking his back in a motorcycle accident, Max has been completely dedicated to learning all he can about all things relating to sustainable and regenerative living. Before his injury he was an auto mechanic and tropical fish hobbyist. He feels that Aquaponics is an absolutely perfect fit for his passions, experience and skills. In addition to his own experience, Max Meyers has studied and worked with many Aquaponics professionals including Dr. James Rakocy, PhD and Dr. Wilson Lennard, PhD, the only two people in the world currently holding a PhD in Aquaponics. By fusing Permaculture and Aquaponics Mr. Meyers has created systems that are some of the most self sufficient Aquaponics models on earth!

When Max Meyers applied Permaculture Design to Aquaponics a new generation of systems and farms were created. We call this new generation of Aquaponics, Closed-Loop Aquaponics. These systems are even more sustainable, productive and profitable than traditional Aquaponics!

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