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The vision of the NorCal Community Resilience Network is to transform our homes, neighborhoods, and communities into vibrant, regenerative places. We are a building a Network of solutionaries – citizen activists, businesses and grassroots organizations who are turning despair into action through people-powered, nature-inspired, and community-based solutions which are addressing some of the most pressing social and environmental problems of our time.

Here in Northern California, we are blessed with an abundance of community groups working to realize the sustainable future we need. The NorCal Community Resilience Network seeks to unite these groups into a coalition that offers strategies for collective impact and builds collaboration for a more resilient world.

Across the globe, people are working to reform, recreate, and reimagine existing systems along more sustainable lines. In our work to build resilient communities, the NorCal Community Resilience Network stands in solidarity with these regenerative efforts and with movements to resist neoliberalism, environmental destruction, and militarization at all levels.


The NorCal Community Resilience Network  activates and supports community-based and ecological solutions to climate change, economic instability and social inequity toward a Just Transition away from fossil fuels. Our work increases capacity for grassroots projects and programs, builds solidarity across divides of race, class, sector and region, and broadens support for the Northern California community resilience movement as a whole.

Together, we are realizing a Just Transition away from an extractive economy toward holistic, collaborative systems that support human life in self-sustaining harmony with nature.

The First Peoples of this land lived in this way for millennia, integrating the ethics of care for the Earth, the people, and the future through sustainable, “permanent cultures,” which were and continue to be suppressed through colonization. We honor these Indigenous roots of permaculture and seek to address colonial legacies in contemporary social and environmental movements, allowing historically marginalized communities to lead the process of “re-indigenizing the people to the planet.” This is a journey of relearning and unlearning for peoples of all cultural, racial and socioeconomic backgrounds that requires courageous conversations across the divides that separate us.

The NorCal Network envisions its work as part of this collective transformation, in which we are co-creating a model for resilient community care and healing—one that starts at home and spreads out beyond our region to the world at large.