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Seth Peterson is a second generation urban farmer, who grew up among chickens and mulch piles, and then going on to gain his wealth of knowledge and culinary experience living, working and cooking in the U.S., Mexico & Brazil over the last 25 years. Upon returning home to Berkeley to take over his mother’s urban organic garden, he came across permaculture, holistic management and regenerative ag, which gave him a framework to bring his many seemingly disparate beliefs into a coherent system and more wisely apply them to regenerate our neighborhoods, our society and our culture, and to do so at the dinner table. To do so through one of our most treasured cultural activities, through growing, cooking and eating food. Currently, he combines his twin passions, cooking and teaching, while he cooks in community, re-skills people and connects them to great local farms and ranches. Seth teaches and consults both nationally and internationally, as he delves deeper and deeper into this endless endeavor, his life’s work.

2016 Convergence Workshop: Resetting the Dinner Table, Rebuilding Our World