Towards a Just Transition: Freedom Fighting While Healing the Earth

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While transition is inevitable, justice is not. The scale and pace of the ecological crisis and transition in which we find ourselves demands a radical rethinking of our relationships to place, and to each other, particularly in the urban context. Movement Generation’s interactive, whole body workshop will combine principles and practice from Permaculture Design with social and economic justice organizing. Learn about the implications of compromising the life support systems of Mother Earth on biological and cultural diversity; and in particular for poor and working class communities and communities of color.

A key theme that will be addressed is the role of “reparations” in ecological justice. Reparations can be thought of as “paying for past harm,” but it is also much more than that. We think of reparations as “repairing our relations,” which includes making amends for past harm (i.e. Climate Debt), building healthy relationships in the present (i.e. confronting current inequities) and setting ourselves up for a just future (i.e. building resilient communities). This has particular implications for folks organizing in the “Transition Towns”, Permaculture and “Resilient Communities” organizing spaces in the U.S., where race & class isn’t fully integrated into the organizing culture & approach.

We will also discuss our Permaculture for the People course & model, run in conjunction with the Occidental Arts & Ecology Center, that is planting the seeds for a land reclamation movement that will restore our labor to right relationship with Mother Earth. Our vision for fostering a multi-sectoral and holistic movement for ecological justice is rooted in deliberate and coordinated mass action among key racial, economic & environmental justice organizations in the SF Bay Area. Our approach in bringing Permaculture for the People is to make it a step towards this end.

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