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Alais Clay is a passionate musician, activist and community igniter spreading a message of awareness, hope and evolution through personal work and positive, collective action. Alais is the founder of StarTribe Alliance, an organization dedicated to growing the global eco-village and co-creating a harmonious universal habitat. One of STA’s most successful growing projects has been StarTribe Hours, a time-based currency that is a fusion of ‘time-banking’ and ‘hour-money’. Alais is passionate about people understanding the roots of our current monetary system so that we, as communities, can begin to redefine and create our own agreements around how we engage in exchanges. By creating our own agreements and our own tools of exchange, we create resilient communities and healthy economies, rather than continuously feeding systems based on usury and scarcity.

2018 Convergence Workshop: Time-Based Currency: Empowering Resilient Communities & Networks Through Healthy Systems of Exchange