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Alegra was born in the Arizona southwest desert and has always had a deep love of nature, art, and passion for learning. Her grandfather was a green thumb and a cherry farmer in Oregon.  She loves to grow and propagate things everywhere she goes, from Native Reforestation to Permaculture food forests, to backyard gardens, CSA’s and farmers markets. She has been working in the magical soils from California, Hawaii to Brazil and Mexico. Exploring sustainable ways of living and being that we may be in harmony with the biosphere. She loves helping people discover and nurture the artist in nature and in themselves. She also has studies in World dance, Sports Thai massage and Yoga. Dedicated to sharing, Knowledge, Skills, Creativity  to birth a healthier world. She is  a visual , performance artist, movement alchemist, painter, maskmaker, dancer trained in various cultural styles  Haitian, Brazilian, Congolese, Afro- Cuban, Modern, & Fire. She has deep studies in Expressive healing arts, Dance therapy, N.m.t. Sports/Thai massage, Organic Gardening/ Permaculture and Somatic Psychology. She has worked with multicultural drum and dance ensemble, ‘ Cuero a Cuero.” danced  as fire artist with International circus troop in Playa del Carmen  -”Atomic Weight.”   As well she has assisted in production/performance of –  Next Level Theaters’ Black light Burlesque and Body painting shows. Her passion is to release the  universal rhythm through her, and to use art as a shamanic tool to inspire, heal and reveal creations tale.

To her Dance  is a play and a prayer of mystery and hidden treasures and can create transformation bridging inner and outer worlds.

2016 Convergence Workshop: Dancing Freedom: Regenerate Zone Zero- Vision, Movement, Action