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aManda was raised between the Bay Area and Rio de Janeiro Brazil. Her bi-cultural upbringing has had a strong influence in her believes, values and how those manifest through her work in the world. This led her to spend a decade between Santa Fé New Mexico, Oakland, Bahia Brazil and Southern India working on various arts and ecological development projects. It was during this time that she saw one can’t address long-term sustainable development without first addressing short-term economic development. In 2013 she received a gMBA in Social Enterprise driven by the belief that the current paradigm of ‘development’ can be transformed into one that is valued based on ecological regeneration and social equity.

Since 2009 she has been engaging with young leaders to address the problems in their own communities by supporting the development of youth-led social enterprises. Responsible for the Youth Hub programming, she works to translate MBA level content into culturally relevant curriculum.

She currently serves on the board of The Hood Incubator & is a Steering Committee member of Oakland’s Youth Ally Alliance.

 Saturday, Oct 7| 11am| Bio-regional

From the margins to the center: Role of youth in the Next Economy