Applied Permaculture – Forest Garden Design Charrette

What is a charrette? What is a Forest Garden? What is Permaculture?

Permaculture ethics and principles are powerful guidelines applicable to any type of design work. A forest garden mimics the architecture, relationships and diversity of an established forest. A charrette supports a group in the co creation of a design.

This exploration of the basics of permaculture theory coupled with an experiential group design process brings people to a multi-faceted understanding of how each of our individual steps can add up to significant movement towards food security and more as it applies to our urban environments.

This topic is at the heart of building resilient communities and permaculture. We address food forestry in the context of human and plant diversity, social permaculture, food security and health of individuals and communities, specifically in urban communities.

Our teaching style includes a little lecture, lots of discussion, guided meditation and movement, an opportunity for students to practice observation, come back together and create a 3D model of a food forest using fiber, flowers and live plants.

Sunday Oct 8| 9:30am | Hops Tipi

Presented by Delia Carroll and Jessica Bates