Building a “Palletable” Cobin

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Have you wanted to learn Natural Building?

Learn hands-on with Miguel “Sir Cobalot” Elliott during two workshops:

1) Miguel will be sharing the process of building a small hut built out of pallets, insulated with straw, covered in an earthen cob plaster, called a “Palletable Cobin”. This structure is very easy to build, affordable, super well insulated, non-toxic, and is a great solution for low cost housing.

2) For anyone who wants to learn cob and adobe building hands-on, Miguel will also be building a cob & adobe bench in the children’s play area between the oven and cob play structure. Covered in the Workshop will be building a sturdy foundation, earthen sculpting, setting Adobe bricks and plastering.

Presented By: Miguel “Sir Cobalot” Elliott