Good Fungi, Happy Plants

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Learn how to promote the beneficial fungi called mycorrhizae to increase the health, quality, and yields of vegetables, fruits, and nuts.

Mycorrhizae can increase yields by as much as 1500%. They are an important part of the soil food web. There are ways to promote the growth of this beneficial fungi without having to buy costly inoculants. A vibrant, healthy soil food web is essential to a productive permaculture garden or farm.

There are amazing beneficial fungi that promote the healthiest roots of native and ornamental plants. Nearly all plants, especially trees, need this symbiotic relationship for superior growth. The seminar will explain what the relationship is (called mycorrhizal association), where in the roots it happens, how to promote it, how it increases yields and whether-or-not purchased inoculants are needed.

Friday Oct 6| 2pm| Yurt 

Presented By: Robert Kourik