Carmen Gonzales

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Carmen is a Permaculture Designer and Environmental Scientist who has been  dedicated to protecting water, land and people through her work for the past 16 years.

Carmen has always walked in two worlds. Carmen grew up on the Navajo Reservation in Northern Arizona and in the urban jungle of Southern California.  Her work has focused on water and air quality programs for Tribal nations in Northern Nevada and California. Always an “edge walker,” she has been working to find the balance between good science, traditional knowledge, personal healing and cultural evolution. As a water quality scientist, she has been working to shift the community consciousness about the critical importance of watershed protection in these critical times. Carmen focuses on raising awareness about the power of working in collaboration with the cycles of nature, rather than against them. Her focus is on sharing vital information about water retention landscaping and wise design strategies with tribes, land planners, and scientists. She is driven by the vision of supporting the work of revitalization of Native communities through building relationships that nourish land and life for the benefit of all beings.

2016 Convergence Panel: Permaculture and the Indigenous Contribution: A Courageous Conversation