2018 Speakers

Kerry Fugett

Kerry’s search for awareness of inner purpose and alignment of passion with her outer journey to take action has led to a rich layering of leadership experiences, and a deep desire to help others…

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As a placemaking consultant, sociocultural anthropologist, and permaculture educator living in Portland since 2010, Ridhi dedicates their life’s energy to deep relationship building through their work, scholarship and home life. They draw on the…

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Anna Hope

Anna Hope has lived in giant redwood trees, planted fruit trees with children at their schools all over California, converted diesel buses to run on vegetable oil, made herbal medicine, and organized community events.…

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Matt Powers

Matt Powers is an author, educator, seed saver, gardener, blogger, and family guy that teaches people of all ages all over the world how to live regeneratively. Through online courses, books, his podcast, social…

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Michael Wellman

Michael Wellman is a doctoral student in the Ecology, Spirituality, and Religion program at the California Institute of Integral Studies. Revolving at the intersection of resistance, reskilling, and rewilding, his research encompasses the cultures…

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Luna Grace Isbell-Love

Luna is a Woman of Devotion, a Transformational Leadership Mentor and host of the Ladies Who Lead Podcast. She assists those ready to share their gifts in the world to achieve clear vision and…

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Shea Smith

Shea Smith has been a lifetime student of herbalism, health and plant studies while traveling internationally for over 25 years. Her first teachers were the forests of her childhood then Native American elders of…

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Suzanne Mathis McQueen

Suzanne Mathis McQueen is a writer and keeper of women’s mysteries. The author of 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks, she is renowned for defining natural rhythm principles that are critical to female balance, joy,…

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Troy Horton

Troy Horton of Town and City Permaculture is a permaculture designer focused on urban community organizing, youth education, inter-generational re-connections, FairShare and permaculture diversity. 2018 Convergence Workshop: FairShare: The People's Permaculture

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Marissa Correia

Marissa (she/her) is a holistic womb wellness guide and educator. Her path began with birth work, training as a doula and then going on to study traditional Midwifery with Whapio of The Matrona. After…

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Forrest Hurd

Forrest Hurd worked with children in pediatric mental health for 15 years before having to leave his career to care for his son full time in 2014. Forrest's son, Silas, has a rare, catastrophic…

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Jewel Love

Jewel Love is a multiracial psychotherapist in Oakland, California who specializes in working with Black Executive Men. In addition, he is the founder and creative director of Urban Healers, which initiates the world into…

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John Taylor

John Taylor is a Coach and Advisor to CEOs, Founders, teams, and individuals who want to live fully actualized and embodied lives, filled with power passion and purpose, while positively impacting the world. His…

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Abigail Hinds

Abigail Hinds ~ began her womb journey many years ago when she got her IUD taken out and learned how to track her own moon cycle. This began a long journey of connecting more…

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Activist author Starhawk leads a workshop at Occupy Santa Cruz. Oct 26, 2011

Starhawk is a committed global justice activist, organizer, speaker, teacher, and the author or coauthor of ten books. Starhawk is founder of Earth Activist Training, and travels internationally teaching magic, the tools of ritual,…

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Susan Silber

Susan has worked as both a community organizer and environmental educator for the past 25 years. She is proud to have introduced thousands of youth to the joys of nature, working with the Green…

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Max Meyers

Max Meyers, founder of Nor Cal Aquaponics, is a Certified Permaculture Teacher, Designer and consultant. He is the executive director of the Mendocino Ecological Learning Center (MELC) and runs a Permaculture consultation business.Mr. Meyers is an experienced…

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