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Copperwoman is a gatherer of voices to sing. Her message is strong and comes through Divine Inspiration. Her music offers a gift—one of unity, love and the uplifting vibration of spirit.

She has been gathering people to sing for decades. Copperwoman spins her musical spell around campfires and singing gatherings that she calls CircleSong—from central to northern CA—Santa Cruz to Arcata.

With her music, she is a keeper of Sacred Space and a cohesive thread that can bind a Ritual together. Her songs are easy to learn and offer a way for people to sing together very quickly without having to know the same songs previously.

Copperwoman is a breast cancer survivor and offers inspiration through the songs she wrote during her healing journey. Her CD, Gratitude is a compilation of these songs. She has 7 recordings, two of which are original children’s songs. She sings thrice annually at the Women’s Herbal Symposium and offers a class, “Music is the Medicine.” She has been singing at this gathering in Laytonville, CA for 19 years. One of her young friends from the Symposium told her mom, “Copperwoman is like a superhero, with the power of singing.”

2018 Convergence Workshop: CircleSong: Music is the Medicine