Design Thinking for Equitable Communities

Let’s talk about Design and Social Justice. We know that design has the power to elevate everything it touches—from products, to systems, to spaces. But when it comes to our greatest challenges around economic equity, access, and inclusion, what roles does design play in advancing equitable communities? Can design catalyze positive change and lasting impact when it comes to solving real problems and human needs? Join us for a discussion focused on how design can support social progress and a just future for all.

They will observe, learn, and discuss the difference between Equality & Equity. They will explore their own agency, and how they can use data such as historical conflicts, to analyze a relevant equity issue, and communicate their findings. They will form this “issue analysis” (engaging in discourse and working in groups) to answer core questions important to their communities. The Design Thinking process involves using “manipulatives” (tangible objects) to make examples of ideas, sharing observations among groups, and also documenting observations/ideas in many different ways: sketches, photos, journaling, audio.

Friday Oct 6| 2pm| Bioregional Hub

Presented by Catherine Nkolo Lebongo