“Dirt Cheap Housing”

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In this hands on natural building workshop, participants will construct a small house in just a couple hours. Miguel “Cobalot” Elliott will teach how to build a small house using all recycled materials, such as pallets, bottles, straw, and earth. The structure could be used as a dog house, coop, children’s play house, or a meditation hut. Covered in the workshop will be an explanation of the 3 essentials in building an earthen structure- good boots, hat and jacket, namely a sturdy foundation, roof, and plaster.

One of the many benefits of natural building is that it offers an excellent opportunity for people with little or no construction experience to come together in a work party and create a structure together. In this workshop, participants will learn the basics about building foundations, framing, sculpting the walls, building a roof, plastering and protecting the structure. There will also be a discussion on building cob benches, ovens, adobe bricks, and sculptures.

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