Ego-System Re-Story-ation: Ecology of Awakening

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In order to create truly just and resilient communities, it is essential we Re-Story ourselves out of the predominant narrative of people and planet as commodity into the reality of being an inherent part of the ever-evolving web of Life. By placing ourselves into the 4.5 billion year unfolding Earth community, we more easily recognize the depth of the transition we’re in. With this context we can truly accept the invitation to become eco-literate, attuned, relational members of our collective landscape. Come explore in this workshop, lead by Kerry Brady, as we dive into what it is to become more permeable to the whole and, as permaculture teaches us, to “compose with Nature” rather than “imposing upon” it.

In addition to all the important work that is so essential right now – permaculture, biomimicry, social activism, etc – it’s clear that we need to simultaneously support a collective shift in consciousness in order to move forward collectively in a new way. We can’t move forward in a new way without a new lens.  The focus is on awakening from our old habits, patterns, conditioning and awakening to the whole Earth community and our essential nature as ever evolving and unfolding. From that place, as permeable beings, we can become biomimics and listen and respond in a new way. The workshop will be a combination of a talk, a discussion and an experiential exercise.

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