Discover Fantastic Fruit for Our New “Weird Weather” Challenges

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You can grow wonderful fruit in spite of our recent drought and warm winters. John Valenzuela will share simple and effective growing strategies and techniques, with water wisdom and microclimate magic. He will also discuss fantastic fruit species and varieties adapted to our ever changing climate.”

With the unusually dry and warm winters we have had lately, many people have had problems with their fruit trees becoming sadly unproductive. Through discussion and slide show, explore strategies to deal with drought and lack of winter chill, with specific techniques to manage water, and optimize microclimate effects for better fruit production. We will also describe successful drought tolerant and low chill species and varieties. The workshop will culminate in an interactive process to co–create a list of “climate resilient fruit” appropriate for various climates, which you can share with your community back home. There will be fruits to sample. Please bring some of your own home grown and foraged fruit to share!