Design Your Regenerative Enterprise

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Direct discussion and learning to take your ethical regenerative enterprise aspirations into reality or further towards your vision.

This workshop is for individuals with an idea for a regenerative enterprise, a nascent venture or even just the intention to someday start your own enterprise. We will work directly with examples brought by participants to provide technical support on how to move forward to grow your enterprise to a self-sustaining vocational pathway providing right-livelihood for you and your community. We’ll use regenerative enterprise pattern literacy to build off of the specific examples to general principles (such as cooperative ownership and decision-making structures, community financing methods, self-managing teams, etc) that all can use and create space for individual exercises and small group discussion.

We encounter many permaculture designers and enthusiasts that would like to be generating their livelihood and meeting their needs through an enterprise bounded by the permaculture ethics and informed by permaculture design. Participants in this workshop will receive insights, references and resources and tangible next steps in the development of their enterprise vision. This topic is, in a sense, about building bridges between participants’ passion for permaculture and their income/livelihood strategies. Having more people generating their livelihood by providing needed goods and services in alignment with permaculture ethics and principles will help grow the movement by enabling more people to participate and not feel torn between their interest in permaculture and their ‘job.’

Presented By: Kevin Bayuk and Shawn Berry