Local Currencies & Economic Resilience

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From 1970 to 2010, the world has witnessed 145 banking crises, 72 sovereign debt crisis and 208 monetary crashes. Writers such as Charles Einsenstein and Bernard Lietaer have clearly identified one of the root cause of these crisis: our monoculture monetary system. They have also outlined the solution: local or community currency. However, the current monetary system is so dominant that local currency efforts often fail. This workshop outlines how to design a local currency that is robust and sustainable.

Money lies at the base of all economic activities. Led by Chong Kee Tan, this workshop is about how to build a sustainable alternative to the money in use today, so that resiliency projects can use it as a foundation. Participants will gain critical insights and experience first hand the destructive power of a bad monetary system, and learn how to create a better one. First part of the workshop is a 20-30 minute interactive game and debrief, second part is a 30 minute presentation on monetary design.

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