Rewilding: Trophic Cascades

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Rewilding Trophic Cascades Rye N Flint

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Rye N Flint leads this session on reconnecting with your wild roots.  Learn about how humans have lived in harmony with the Earth for thousands of years.  Embrace the wild foods that grow around you, and plant your own new garden of Eden in your backyard! I offer a local, permaculture, and wild foraging based solution for today´s complex technological problems.

I weave together “his story” of the domestication of plants, animals, and humans, with a scientific approach to understanding why we do the strange things we do. We can empower each other to create a better world through the open sharing of knowledge. We can build resilient communities by starting with clean earth, clean water, clean air, and natural sunlight. I have been told that my talks become life changing experiences, that make people think about the bigger picture in life. I encourage understanding local plants and animals as a way of reconnecting with your environment. I also encourage food forestry and permaculture design as solutions to modern problems.

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